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Fly Fishing Guide - Bitterroot River Reports

September 20

The smoke is gone as fall weather has finally descended on western Montana!  It has brought our fall hatches too and the Bitterroot has been fishing well from top to bottom.  Afternoons have been best for dry fly fishing with Hecubas, Mahoganies, and Blue-wings coming off especially on cloudy days.  Mayfly patterns from size 10-18 have all been working well and small tricos can be found on warmer days.  Hopper/dropper or streamer fishing has been best in the mornings and the dropper will produce all day as well.  The next 20 days will be some of the best of the year on the Bitterroot.

Bitterroot River Near Darby – Fly Fishing Guide

Bitterroot River Flow/Levels

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Bitterroot River Near Missoula – Fly Fishing Guide

Bitterroot River Flow/Levels

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Fly Fishing Guide - Blackfoot River at Bonner

Blackfoot River at Bonner – Fly Fishing Guide

September 20

The Blackfoot has responded well to our cooler weather pattern.  Hoppers and ants will still move fish especially in the afternoon, but there are also good hatches of October caddis, Mahognies, and Blue-wings.  Dry/dropper or streamers is your best bet in the morning, but we have been fishing single dry flies or double dry rigs most afternoons on the Blackfoot.  A bigger October caddis followed by a small mayfly has been our best set-up in the afternoon.

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Fly Fishing Guide - Clark Fork River Above Missoula

Clark Fork River at Turah – Fly Fishing Guide

September 20

The Clark Fork has been very consistent for us lately.  The upper river above town has been good with hoppers and hopper/dropper rigs while the lower river has produced some solid afternoon dry fly fishing with Mahoganies and Blue-wings.  Fish are still willing to eat a bigger hopper on the lower river too, and a deep dropper will produce when it’s windy or sunny but it’s hard to beat cloudy days on the Clark Fork right now.

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Clark Fork River at St Regis – Fly Fishing Guide

Clark Fork River Flow/Levels

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Fly Fishing Guide - Rock Creek River Report

Rock Creek – Fly Fishing Guide

September 20

Rock Creek road is open from I-90 to the 22 mile mark and again above Ghilles bridge.  The entire road should re-open soon with the cool, wet weather.  Reports have been solid with good dry/dropper, nymph, and streamer fishing.  Hoppers are still producing and #14-18 mayfly patterns have worked well especially on cloudy afternoons.

Rock Creek Flow/Levels

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Fly Fishing Guide - Missouri River Reports

Missouri River below Holter Dam – Fly Fishing Guide

September 20

The weeds on the Missouri are clearing out by the day and making more of the river a solid fishing option.  At this point the best nymphing remains up by the dam, but there have been good reports in the canyon as well.  The lower river is fishing well with dry/dropper rigs, and straight dry flies on cloudy days.  This river will continue to improve as we move further into fall.

Missouri River Flow/Levels

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Fly Fishing Guide - Montana Trout Outfitters

Another Day on the River, by Tony Reinhardt

…I was back out with Brian and Bridger the trout dog, and we were also joined by Brian’s friend Bruce.  The weather was a little dicey with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast so we chose to stay close to home on the Bitterroot around Hamilton.  That choice was fine with me after the fishing yesterday and I was looking for another all day dry fly affair.

We started with double dries and it didn’t take long for Bruce to connect with the first fish of the day.  The action was fairly steady in the morning with mostly smaller and medium sized cutts and cuttbows coming to the dry.  There weren’t many bugs around early so I was hoping a hatch would get the fish fired up.

We pulled up into a side channel to look for some fish and with no rises Bruce ended up sticking a few on a dropper.  We took a break for lunch there and while we were eating a few PMDs started coming off and some heads showed.

Brian set off on foot with the dry fly rod and fooled a few in short order including the biggest fish of the day.  It was a big cutt in the 18-20″ range but it ended up foul hooked on the double dry rig and I forced the issue a little to get the trout in quickly and it broke off.  After getting back to the main river I still wasn’t seeing the number of bugs I wanted so I switched the guys over to a dry/dropper rig.

That’s one of the surest things to get the fish up and rising, and not five minutes after that a fish ate Bruce’s dry and the Green Drakes started coming off.  It was back to the dry fly rig for us and the fellas started raising more fish.  It was busy in the afternoon and our average size got a little better too.

A couple of browns came to the net, but it was still mainly cutthroat and bows with most from 12-15″ and a nice 17″ cuttbow that Brian landed toward the end of the float.  We had a couple of storms around us mid-day, but nothing too terrible and for the most part it was pleasant weather.  Another great day on the Bitterroot with a couple of good guys and the best boat dog around,.

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