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Tony Reinhardt

Tony Reinhardt is the owner of Montana Trout Outfitters and has been guiding anglers on the waters of western Montana since 1998.  For over twenty years Tony has passionately been introducing and guiding people to the joy of fly fishing.

While some Montana outfitters claim to have experience – Tony is one who walks the talk.  As Mark Twain said; “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” 

Tony as one who has embraced and lives this quote to this day, Tony welcomes you to join him for an unparalleled fly fishing experience in Missoula. As one of the leaders in Montana’s outfitter services, Tony will ensure a fly fishing trip that won’t be soon forgotten.

Customer Comments

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Tony Reinhardt – Passion for Fly Fishing

Passion for Fly Fishing

Heart in the West

Born and raised in the Midwest, a summer in Alaska with his grandfather changed Tony’s path in life.

“I knew I had to move out West somewhere, and once I arrived in Missoula, I knew I was home for good.”

There is an attachment to the land, the water, and the people that goes right to the heart of a person.  Tony loves to share his passion for Montana and fly fishing and it shows as his customers come back year after year.


Tony’s Goal – Happy Customers

Tony Want’s You So Satisfied that
You are Planning a Return Trip
Before You have Even left!

Montana – A Special Place

We Want You to Have an Experience of a Lifetime

“I Can’t Imagine Doing Anything Else”

“I’ve always been drawn to water and being able to spend most of my time on these great rivers is a total joy. The average guide lasts 4-5 years, but I absolutely love what I do, and can’t imagine anything else.”

Along with his awesome wife, Brandy, they have two children, Thomas and Kaitlyn in addition to their two dogs, Ruby and Hank.

“We enjoy everything about Montana and we want to show you what makes this place so special.”

Reinhardt Family

New Equipment and Boats

Our Attention to Detail Separates
Montana Trout Outfitters from other Guide Services

We are as comfortable joking around on an all guys trip as we are teaching a 12 year old how to tie a clinch knot. All that – and we KNOW how to put anglers on trout too! Simply the best Montana Fly Fishing Guides available.

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Tony Reinhardt tells us about another day on the river…

…Monday I started the week with local anglers, Steve and Sean.  I fished with Steve a few times and been down the Smith River together and I was glad to meet Sean in the morning.  After the dry fly possibilities I saw yesterday we didn’t hesitate to head down into the canyon stretch today.  We started with deep nymph rigs and Steve connected with a feisty rainbow above the boat ramp and then a big rock wall below that produced a couple nice fish for Sean and then our first double of the day before we floated on.  Below that we switched to the short nymph rod and were off to the races from there.

Today was the first day I really found fish in the faster water in the morning so we stayed with the short rig casting toward the bank all morning.  The action was steady throughout with nice sized fish.  The mayflies started coming early today too so we stopped for lunch to make the most of the afternoon.  Another rock wall right after lunch gave up a number of nice fish and then we swapped out for a dry/dropper rig.  Steve was the first to come tight with a jumping rainbow and then Sean coaxed a big brown that was holding tight to the bank.

We were on such a roll that it was time to play the dry fly game after that.  We posted up on rising trout and the guys fed 5 big fish in short order including a couple big browns.  Steve was able to get one that was in an impossible spot.  The fish was tight to the bank on a subtle reverse current with overhanging branches.  It was long odds but we could see his big kype every time he ate a blue-wing and we couldn’t resist.  After a few attempts he had that brown tight on his line and then in the net.  At that point the March Brown mayflies came pouring off the river and there were rising fish everywhere.

It was almost too much of a good thing with so many real bugs on the surface but we still managed to fool some nice trout.  Sean was picking off risers 60 feet behind the boat while we were anchored and Steve stuck an awesome 20+” brown on a big mayfly dry.  Once the dry fly fishing started to get spotty we switched back to a short nymph rig and it was carnage on the river.  We doubled up more times than I can remember and the guys started feeling guilty with how many fish they were sticking.

The best part was they were all quality fish from 16-18″.  Steve did find a 20.5″ rainbow toward the end of the day that we didn’t even think about photographing because you could hook up as soon as the flies were back in the water.  It was chilly again today, but hard to think about when the anglers are catching fish all day long.  The dry fly session was certainly a highlight, and Steve and Sean are such nice guys that I would love to have them in the boat any day!

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