Farewell to the 2015 Fishing Season

2015 Fly Fishing Season
One of the last releases of the year

The 2015 Fishing Season wrapped up at the end of this past month.  There may still be the occasional afternoon on the water when the weather is nice, but we are done guiding for the year.  The trout are resting in relative solitude and you might assume that Missoula fly fishing guides are taking a break too, but nothing could be futher from the truth.  After a long season on the water a little respite is certainly in order, but fall is packed so full of potential that hardly a day can be wasted.  All of the fishing guides I know are out chasing their other passions right now.  Some are swinging flies for steelhead, others are pursuing upland birds and waterfowl with their trusty dogs, while almost everyone else is in the mountains looking to fill their freezers with deer and elk.  Many of us will try to pack as much into this small window of time as possible.  Since the fishing season ended I have already been on a once in a lifetime backcountry moose hunt, filled my antelope tag, hunted deer with my son, and spent several days behind my lab flushing pheasants, sharp tail, and huns.  I’m home at the moment, but I’m already planning my next trip, either a return to bird country or a few days in mountains after elk.  There will be time enough to rest during the short days of winter.  Right now is the time to be out there before this short, precious season passes us by for another year.  We are lucky in Montana to have one of the best and longest fishing seasons in the country, and luckier still to have so many other incredible outdoor opportunities each fall.  The 2015 fishing season was a good one, and we will be looking forward to next season as it approaches.  For the moment you will have to excuse us, there are just too many other options.