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Another Day on the River with Tony Reinhardt…

…I fished with long-time anglers Bob and John on Rock Creek.  The creek is low right now and a pain to get down, but Bob and John love it and it has been fishing well. Today was nothing short of spectacular.  These guys have been fishing the Creek in June for over 20 years and both said it was the finest day of fishing on Rock Creek they’ve ever had.  We fished single dries all day and the action was non-stop. We started with golden stones in the morning for an hour or so and then switched to green drakes for the balance of the day.  Rock Creek is usually busy with fish and many days it can be a lot of small fish with a few nice ones mixed in. What separated today was the size of the fish.  There were a lot of trout in the 12-15″ range with a bunch to 16″ and even a few 17″ fish too.  A conservative guess would put the number of doubles at 20 and there were many runs where we landed 6 or 7 or more trout. At one point we had three cutthroat in the net at the same time.  The guys had doubled and I netted both fish.  I got the hook out of Bob’s and before I could unhook John’s fish Bob had another one boatside.  I think they ended up with 5 fish out of that one spot. It was the kind of fishing everyone dreams about.  If you put your fly in a spot that looked like it would hold a fish, then one would gobble it.  It’s really quite hard to describe the fishing I witnessed today.  It was a blast out there with good friends.

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