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Another Day on the Blackfoot River by Tony Reinhardt

…I met the guys really early for a run up to the canyon of the Blackfoot.  We were the first boat in the water and Jim didn’t waste anytime hooking a great rainbow only a couple minutes into the float.  A 17″ fish is always a great way to start the day and we were off to the races from there.  I kept the boat moving early on, but the guys hooked fish out of nearly every spot we stopped to fish until we got into the Munchmore hole.  In the run above that I had seen a few spruce moths bouncing around and I hoped there would be enough to get the fish looking up.

We anchored in the hole to change our flies and I saw enough rising fish to know it would be good.  Dale was first up and it only took a handful of casts before he connected with a nice cutthroat on the dry.  Jim was next and he came tight on a really big and brightly colored cutt in the 18-19″ range.  The guys continued to take turns over the next 45 minutes or so and kept hooking nice fish on dries.  We stayed with double dry fly rigs after leaving that run and the fishing was nothing short of fantastic.

Every run produced a fish or two and most were quality sized trout on dry flies.  It was some of the best spruce moth fishing I’ve seen and the guys were in heaven.  The beauty of the canyon and nice dry fly eating trout is a hard combination to beat.  After lunch we floated out of the canyon and the spruce moth bite faded so we went back to the dry/dropper rig.

The fishing tapered off from the pace we set in the morning, but it was still solid and the good runs were producing fish, mostly smaller in the afternoon but a few bigger fish as well.  Near the end of the day Dale hooked up on a nice fish at a creek mouth and it turned out to be a 17″ bull trout which gave him a slam for the day, a cutthroat, rainbow, brown, and bull trout all in one day.

Both Jim and Dale remarked toward the end of the float that this was the finest day floating a river they’ve ever had.  That’s high praise for the Blackfoot and the spruce moth hatch.

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