SUMMER SPECIAL – The Complete Package

Fly Fishing Vacation Packages

SUMMER FISHING SPECIAL – $1,600 per angler
Fly Fishing Vacation Packages

Trips include:

4 Nights Hotel Accommodations

3 Full Days of Guided Fly Fishing

All flies,  tippets, and gear

Riverside Lunches

Non-alcoholic Refreshments

Transportation to and from the river

A full day is typically 8 hours on the water

Pricing is based on 2 anglers per package.  Call 406-544-3516 for details and availability.

Fly Fishing Vacation Packages - Montana Trout Outfitters

Montana Trout Outfitters are the
Premiere Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Read What Others Say…“I would like to say how much we enjoyed our days fishing with Tony Reinhardt. Over the course of 15 years on most of the western rivers, over 40 guided days and around 20 different guides, we have only once encountered another guide of Tony’s caliber.

Tony is enthusiastic about every aspect of his role, he is well prepared, he works very hard throughout the day, presents a professional and personable image and also knows very well how to put people on fish.”   Kevin Erdman

New Equipment and Boats

Our attention to detail separates Montana Trout Outfitters from other guide services

We row the best boats in the business, and along with our vehicles they are clean and in good working order. Our fishing gear is from top manufacturers and upgraded every two years, and our lunches are the best in the area.

We are as comfortable joking around on an all guys trip as we are teaching a 12 year old how to tie a clinch knot. All that – and we KNOW how to put anglers on trout too! Simply the best Montana Fly Fishing Guides available.  We provide the best value for Montana Fly Fishing Vacation Packages.

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Montana Trout Outfitters Deposit/Cancellation Policy

We strive to provide the best possible fishing experience each and every day.  Since all of our rivers are freestone streams we are subject to the whims of nature and the weather. During each season there are periods of high water and low water, and inclement weather. We adjust meet times,  choose the best rivers and stretches, and come properly dressed to address these challenges.

Our guides expect to fish every day of the season and your trip deposit serves as acknowledgement of this philosophy.

The trip deposit is 50% and is required to secure any booking.
Deposits are fully refundable 30 days or more prior to trip dates.
Inside of 30 days deposits are subject to a cancellation fee if trip dates cannot be re-booked.
Payment in full is required for any cancellations inside of 14 days if guide cannot re-book.
Payment is accepted in cash, check, or credit card. 

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Tony Reinhardt tells us about another day on the river…

…Tuesday I fished with long-time anglers, Bill and Joan.  They moved their annual float up earlier this year and since neither had ever floated the West Fork we set off to the south this morning to give it a shot.  We rigged up with single dry flies and launched on the upper stretch.  It took a few runs to get used to the fast flows and tight quarters of the West Fork, but once we worked out the kinks it didn’t take long to find some fish.

Joan was hot in the morning with a number of big slabs to the boat.  Bill was connecting with trout too they were noticeably smaller to start before he did find a couple good cutthroat.  He also landed a rare brook trout on the dry and had completed a grand slam with a brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat before 11 in the morning.  Right after lunch it was completely opposite as Bill was raising the better fish while Joan entertained the little guys.

Just before heading into the narrow canyon I switched both anglers from a golden stone to a bigger salmonfly and that’s when the fishing went from good to incredible.  The trout were super aggressive in the faster flows of the canyon and it didn’t really matter where we put the fly as long as it was a little slower than the surrounding water.  Nice fish were on the hunt as they would smash that big salmonfly in every run and they were all incredibly fat cutts and cuttbows.  Our best spot was a little side channel where we doubled up coming into it.

Then Joan picked off a riser and then Bill went to town above the boat while Joan worked on fish below.  We had a couple more doubles in there and I think 8 fish total in one little spot.  At that point I noticed a lot of smaller Goldens around so we made a fly change and Joan and Bill kept hammering the fish.  It was the kind of fishing we all dream about as quality trout were eating our dry flies in every run we fished.

The action started to taper a little around 4 but there were still fish looking up in the right spots.  By 5 my anglers were exhausted and I started pushing out, slowing down just enough in one spot for Bill to tag one more chunky cutt.  I have no idea how many fish we caught today but it was solid from start to finish.  We had a bunch of doubles and a lot of healthy fish from 13-16″, plenty of smaller guys and several thick trout that went 17-19″.  I have fished with Bill and Joan for a lot of years and it’s always fun to be able to show them something new.  It’s even better when it fishes lights out all day long.  Fly Fishing Vacation Packages – Book Your Trip Now!